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MAJOR MuSICK junky that I am (Think JACK BLACK’s characters in High Fidelity and School of Rock…and Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything…ah the good ol’ boom-box days…) I had to list my Top 69 tunes which are NOT in a ranked order – just an eclectic mix which remind ME in some aspect or another of Harley and/or Mistah J (Classic and/or Dark Knight version). In eeeespecial I recommend you listen to “Dance While The Sky Crashes Down” by thee fabulous Jason Webley, who’s deliriously delectable ditty I like to think of as a sorta theme song for my site. I enjoy a wide variety of music – though I usually tend to steer clear of most mainstream radio-friendly sonic sludge which bores the hell out of me – so hopefully those of you who are similarly muSICKLY-inclined will get a kick outta mi list and might even check out a song or two unknown to yew. Enjoyeeeee!


Top 69 – J ‘n’ HQ tunes…

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Name of Ditty

Name of Artist (‘n some blather and/or lyrics describing why I likes it!)


1)      When You’re Smiling

by Louis Armstrong (So perfect! <sigh>)


2)      Combo de Mechanico: Parts 1-6

by  The Residents (So very circus-eee! Tech this is 6 songs but, eh, whatevah...)

3)      Carousel 

by Mr Bungle (Sucha flawless Joker song – replete with Mad cackling HA-HA’s! Heard ‘em play this LIVE and was as cool as the recording. Mike Patton’s a genius!)

4)      Dance While The Sky Crashes

by Jason Webley (I like to think of this as the THEME song for my H & J site)

5)      House of Fun

by Madness (first heard this on The Young Ones TV show – a series you must see…if you truly enjoy the spirit of chaos! And then of course you’ll get the Rick ‘n’ Vyv Rottweilers reference in my Origins of Puddin’ – Heath Ledger comic scene)

6)      The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegroove

by Dead Can Dance (DCD rule! And this song in particular! Awesome lyrics…)

7)      Lillie

by The Residents (from their AWESOME Freak Show album!  Love seein’ them LIVE as often as I can!)

8)      The Toys Go Winding Down      

by PRIMUS (I like tah think of Mr J’s wind-up blow-em-up toys when I hear this…love, Love, LOVE Les Claypool.  Got tah meet ‘em and the dude’s as neat ‘n’ nerdly as heez kooky music!  A multifaceted creative genius to be sure! And his Purple Pachyderm Pinot Noir from Claypool Cellars is scrumpulescent!

9)      Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song

by The Dead Milkmen (“Don’t trust the HAPPY, the HAPPY ARE INSANE! When you see someone SMILING – RUN! Get Away!!!” Lotsa Dead Milkmen on this list! One of my fav bands period!)

10)   Puddin’ Taine   

by PRIMUS (lyrics of which inspired me to write/draw my Ledger Joker “Origin of Puddin’” comic scene)

11)   Happy Is             

by The Dead Milkmen (“…Happy is the CORPSE rain falls down upon, You say I’mHappy, Ya’ know that can’t be true, ‘Cause I won’t be Happy ‘til I ANNIHILATE YOU!” – Classic Joker’s view of ol’ Batsy Boy)

12)   Mind Of A Lunatic

by The Geto Boys (such a dark ‘n’ hilariously twisted song! Classic Geto Boys!)

13)   Poor Ole Tom   

by GWAR  (“His face is painted like a CLOWN is, his face contorts in AGONY!” LOVE GWAR!!! Especially LIVE!  Jizzing the audience with red ‘n’ green slime and usually disemboweling and/or beheading a motley crew of famous prosthetically-constructed personages on stage…always a fun time!

14)   Save It 

by The Cramps (Bad Music for Bad People – Baby! Got that killer Mistah J-esque grinning album cover on a yellow T! Yee-hee!)

15)   I’ve Got A Match

by They Might  Be Giants (TMBG always provides delightfully warped giggles)

16)   Rain Dogs (LIVE)

by Tom Waits (Love this song – especially the LIVE version off the Big Time album)

17)   The Prince of Parties     

by Flight Of The Conchords (A hilarious New Zealand TV series too! Watch it!)

18)   Take Me To The Specialist

by The Dead Milkmen (very apt lyrics for Joker relating to Harley and Dr Crane)

19)   Slaughterama  

by GWAR (SLAUGHTER is the best medicine, is it not?)

20)   Happy Days Are Here Again

by Jack Hylton and His Orchestra (classic fab 1930’s ditty which “Joe Kerr” dances to at one point in the “Going Sane” comic series)

21)   Twelve-Oh-Six 

by Miss Derringer (Very Bonnie ‘n’ Clyde-esque song – and lead singer Liz McGrath is also an AMAZING ARTIST – particularly with her singular Taxidermy goth masterpieces! T’was honored to meet her at a Miss Derringer show. Very nice gal!)

22)   Solitary Confinement

by The Weirdos (“I can’t get out, I’m stuck inside, I have to shout! I’m stuck in my brain, it’s all in my mind, I’m in myself so there’s nothing to find, I’m in, I’m in, I’m IN…Solitary Confinement!”)


23)   Killing Is My Business…And
   Business is GOOD!


by Austrian Death Machine (cover of the Megadeth classic – the original is awesome of course, but I love ADM and their version is more Cookie Monster-approved! )

24)   Forward To Death

by The Dead Kennedys (Deliciously nihilistic song!  One of my favs by DK)

25)   Intruder

by PRIMUS – cover song (“I know how to move quietly to creep across creaky wooden floors…Intruder’s  happy in the dark!...”  Veddy Joker)

26)   Cheesus (Dance Mix)    

by Idiot Flesh (uh, avoid this ditty if you’re religiously-sensitive…otherwise you’ll LOVE IT! <giggle> I envision this as a commercial Mr J would do a la his ad for Joker Fish)

27)   Kiss Off               

by Violent Femmes (reminds me a lot of Dark Knight Joker and actually a bit of Ledger himself at least the manner of his sad and untimely demise)

28)   Nothing Bad Ever Happens To Me

by Oingo Boingo (I’ve always felt Danny Elfman would make an awesome Joker! Always loved his maniacal grin on stage and in music videos – and this music video is one of my favs!)

29)   Hi-De-Ho Romeo             

by Cab Calloway (Love-Love-LOVE Cab-A-Roonie! Wish I could back in time and watch him perform LIVE…)

30)   Bigmouth Strikes Again

by The Smiths (“Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking when I said I'd like to smash every tooth In your head…” Very apt lyrics for classic H ‘n’ J’s relationship!”)

31)   Sugar

by System Of A Down (“My girl, you know, she lashes out at me sometimes, And I just fucking kick her in the, ooh baby she's O.K.(sugar)…” – again – classic H ‘n’ J relationship shite…rest of the lyrics kick ass too! LOVE SOAD! – my ex boyfriend’s band opened for them once and I gotta sit on stage while they played which was amazing. They are as awesomely spastic ‘n’ energetic LIVE as they are on their album!  Though they were very demure in the VIP room…

32)   Jack

by Iced Earth (had to get in at least some good true METAL songs in this list which remind me of Mistah J – Metal head that I be)

33)   Decency Defied

by Cannibal Corpse (I think of the scene where the dude’s being skinned alive backstage by Harley ‘n’ Joker  in Azzarello/Bermejo’s graphic novel “JOKER” when I hear this…and I think of another comic scene I’m  working on writing/drawing with a healthy dose of gore involved…)

34)   Beheaded

by The Offspring (prob the ONLY song by The Offspring I actually like.  Very twistedly funny ‘n’ brutal!)

35)   Warp City

by Ministry (ze lyrics are so warped ‘n’ twisted…hee-hee)

36)   Sax And Violins               

by Talking Heads (one of my fav TH ditties…acknowledging chaos and dangers of love ‘n’ the city and dangers of one’s own parental influence among other things!)

37)   My Baby Just Cares For Me

by Jack Payne (another classic oldy which I love – very Harley!)

38)   Voices Carry

by ‘Til Tuesday (obvious abusive relationship connection – always loved this song)

39)   Idiot Song

by Idiot Flesh (very carnival-esque and promotes FANCY dress! Yay!)

40)   Stupid MF

by Mindless Self Indulgence (“Get it? Get IT?! GET IT?!! Yuh jist don’t GET IT! Stoooopid MF!” – I envision Joker shouting these lyrics at Bats)

41)   If You Love Someone Set Them
   On Fire

by The Dead Milkmen (“Oily rags are special things, y’know to me they’re diamond rings, maybe we can have some fun, maybe we can BURN someone!” - Rachel ‘n’ Harvey down…so many more flammable persons to go!)

42)   Malediction

by Diamanda Galas (one of my FAV female songstresses of all time! At least have gotten to see her perform live once…though once was NOT ENOUGH!)

43)   The Lonely One

by Siouxsie & The Banshees (Identified a lot with this song growing up)

44)   Been Caught Stealing

by Jane’s Addiction (Lyrics are perfect for a criminalistic guy/gal duo! Also LOVE Classic Girl, Jane Says and many others by JA – but ran outta number-age!)

45)   The Object Of My Affection

by The Boswell Sisters (Classic song, great lyrics ‘n’ harmony by thuh sistahs…)

46)   Better Run Away From Me

by Miss Derringer (prob most likely Mr J would sing this one to Harley – but the advice would fall upon deaf ears…)

47)   Destroy Everything You Touch  

by LadyTron (Great techno-y song - fabulous lyrics for a violent femme!)

48)   Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)

by David Bowie (”She asked for my love and I gave her a dangerous mind, Now she's stupid in the street and she can't socialize, Well I love the little girl and I'll love her till the day she dies…” – perfect H & J lyrics!)

49)   Pussy

by RAMMSTEIN (Hilarious ‘n’ naughty song…though I imagine Harley would be more likely to sing this to Mistah J – desiring a good VRRROOMING of her engine!)

50)   Devil’s Plaything

by Danzig (“Devil's plaything, In my hands, If you don't want PAIN You don't understand, Got a light, Shines on me, If you wanna touch flames, Come unto me…”)

51)   Welcome Home (Sanitarium)   

by Metallica (should be the theme for Arkham Asylum in my view – LOVE OLD Metallica – when their hair was as LONG as the guitar solos!!!)

52)   Strange Little Girl

by The Stranglers (I actually danced with my pop to this song at my wedding –since he got me into them and a lot of cool other bands. The lyrics also make me think a bit of Harley ‘n’ Mr J’s first encounter)

53)   New York

by The Sex Pistols (and “No Feelings” of course too…)

54)   Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles

(Loved this from The Big Lebowski and Harl’s eyes be BLUE! Mine are kinda sea-green with an inner dash of hazel …but it says BLUE on my Driver’s License…whatevah…

55)   Girlfriend In A Coma

by The Smiths (Love this song…and apt methinks to the classic H & J relationship, especially if Mistah J’s the one who put Harl inna coma!)

56)   Just Another Day

by Oingo Boingo (Love Danny Elfman in this video!  I imagine Joker singing this song to himself during the lulls between inflicting chaos and suffering upon Bats and the populace at large!)

57)   Rag Na Rock

by GWAR (Valhalla-esque, nihilistic celebration of CHAOS! NO RULES during the final END-of-the-world party!  Yeah baby!)

58)   Pudding Time

by PRIMUS (“Laughter is a sweet, You can't put a price on, When laughter's all gone, Daddy won't buy you more, It's pudding time…”

59)   Laser Cannon Death Sentence

by Dethklok (I also love “Burn The Earth” but trying to keep the list to 69!)

60)   I’ll Shoot The Moon

by Tom Waits (so romantic and yet deliciously dark ‘n’ twisted at the same time)


61)   Violent School

by The Dead Milkmen (so F’n funny…and TRUE…in the US anyway!)

62)   Don’t Let’s Start (Single Mix)

by They Might Be Giants (Perfectly quirky ‘n’ real relationship song by TMBG)

63)   People In Your Neighborhood

by Idiot Flesh (Majorly giggle-inducing…sorta like if Pee-wee Herman – who I luv - was plopped down into the worst ghetto ever…HA!)

64)   Darts of Pleasure

by Franz Ferdinand (“You are the villain who sends her…you are the devil that sells her…”  That’s definitely what Joker is for Harl!)

65)   I Want Your (Hands On Me)

by Sinead O’Connor (Another song I envision Harley singing to Mr J)

66)   Big Deal

by The Dead Milkmen (“Don’t be worried, don’t be down, I’ll be your stupid happy CLOWN, keep your chin up in the air, shake your body like you just don’t care…”)

67)   Dancing In The Dark

by Diamanda Galas (her dark ‘n’ twisted version of the classic song played at the end of  “Lord of Illusions” – a fabulous film by Clive Barker)

68)   Death Is A Star

by The Clash (The Combat Rock album is EPIC! Listen to it if you haven’t!)

69)   Worms

by The Pogues (cover of the classic song performed by The Pogues – who’s many foot pounding, leg-flailing Irish ditties I love…this song was so refreshingly strange at the end of their “If I Should Fall From Grace With God” album – just had to include it and the lyrics:  “The worms crawl in and the worms crawl out, The ones that go in are lean and thin, The ones that crawl out are fat and stout, Your eyes fall in and your teeth fall out, Your brains come tumbling down your snout, Be merry, my friends, be merry!...Ohhhhhhhh…” – So true. Life often seems like a SICK JOKE played on all of us - and the punchline waiting to cream pie you in the face is DEATH Baby!  Get it?!  ;^)


There’s actually way more on my playlist than the above – but pervy gal that I be I wanted to sum it all up under those magic sexxxxy numbers…69!  Woo-hoo!

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

All images and writing on this site are © Laura Thompson and may not be used without my express written permission.