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First Time at San Diego Comic Con


Well, honestly as I’d never been to the “MECCA” of all Comic Conventions before – San Diego Comic Con – I didn’t know whether or not I would have a good time…in fact I thought it might be miserable with so many humans squashed in one place…but the AC was blowing cool ‘n’ strong and I actually found the Convention floors pretty darn navigable despite all the tens of thousands of peoples in attendance. The first day I dressed up in a saucy little Harley ensemble I made and actually gotta chance to pose with Bruce Timm holding his “Naughty and Nice” booklet of new “Lovely Ladies in ze buff” art as a companion to the behemoth $50 official “Naughty and Nice” book which I own. Love that Bruce actually draws ladies with varied and realistic proportions in the T and A dept! What a novel concept in the comic world!

The second day I had fun dressing up once again as Arkham City Harley and Mark agreed to dress up as the Joker in the Arkham City Joker costume I made from scratch so that really made it a special event – with lotsa cameras clickin’ away and endless requests for photo ops with individuals and families. Really enjoyed meetin' up with some Facebook friends - Tara and Donny Strand and Anthony Misiano (also known as “Harley’s Joker” now on Facebook – he had to create a separate fan page to contain his new rabidly growing fan-base!) who has garnered ENORMOUS praise and attention ever since this year’s WonderCon for being one of the best Joker cosplayers around. Also LOVED “The Hobbit” exhibits - with the 3 HUGE trolls and another one with holographic images of all the dwarves which was really cool. We spent a good amount of time in Artists Alley and Small Press since Mark knew some of the artists there and wanted to chat with them. Hopefully he will be able to get a table there next year and actually be a part of the show - but it was fun having him be my Joker for once. He definitely got even more attention and photo requests than I did! Had a lot of fun making his Arkham City Joker costume from scratch - and it was widely complimented by lotsa random peoples which made all the slaving in front of the sewing machine definitely worth while!

More pix from the SDCC show can be found by clicking on the Cosplay link above.



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The Amazing Arachnid Guy and Flying Rodent Man Tribute Show


Was very honored and excited to be a part of a Batman/Spiderman themed art show in San Francisco at Big Umbrella Studios - coyly titled “The Amazing Arachnid Guy and Flying Rodent Man Tribute Show” in honor of the two new Bats/Spidey films coming out this summer. Here’s the multimedia piece I created – crocheted/painted – entitled “Your Average Night in Gotham City (Totoro District)” – as I blended the worlds of one of my favorite Japanese animated films by Studio Ghibli “Totoro” – with the world of Batman.

Below is a link to some more pix of my piece and pix of others’ artwork from the show:

Batman/Spiderman themed art show photo set - Facebook

And below is a link to a little YouTube presentation I did describing ze piece:

Your Average Night in Gotham City Totoro District - YouTube



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Fe-HEE-HEE-HEE-liz Cinco De Mayo!


Fe-HEE-HEE-HEE-liz Cinco De Mayo Sen-yores y Sen-yoras! I’ve added a new Joker 'n' Harley fan art piece to the Comics/Art section of the site which I hope ye all enjoy! May ye imbibe many a botella de Corona EXTRA, Margaritas galores, o muchos shot-tos de Tequilla este Fin De Semana! Ayeeeeee-yaeee-yaeee-yaeee! 8^)



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ECSTATIC Over Emerald City Comic Con 2012!


Had so much fun Cosplaying at ECCC in Seattle, WA last Fri-Sun while also helping to man my hubby's art booth (Monstark.com) and passing out MadLoveInGotham promos. One of my hubby’s awesome new drawings actually made the entire back cover of the annual Monsters & Dames annual ECCC charity art book so it was super-cool to watch lotsa peeps walking around with the hard cover book in hand and his ART facing outward for all to see! He autographed MANY a book since most people like to go around and collect all the artists’ signatures who’s drawings were included in­ the book...reminded me a bit of yearbook signing back in school!

My hubby's new "I Want Your Skrulls" original painting was also featured amongst 35 artists in a comic-themed art show presented by Emerald City Comic Con called "MINT Condition" at the Ltd. gallery on Pike St. just a few blocks from the Convention Center - so we had fun going to the reception Fri night and looking at all the awesome comic-themed art on display there!

Loved dressing up on Fri in the original 1st Season ST:TNG Tasha Yar costume I made - donning NON-Harley cosplay for once! And enjoyed displaying my Easter Bunny Harley - with Joker Carrot prop costume on Sat both behind the booth and walking round posing and passing out my MadLoveInGotham.com promos. It was really cool that Bruce Timm was about 3 booths down and across from where we were situated so I could watch his head bob and fingers twitch while he created sketches and signed stuff - and after the huge line lessened in size, I made sure to have him autograph my copy of his classic MAD LOVE comic! Gave him one of my little MadLoveInGotham website promos with my two Origins of Puddin' comics as well just fer the heck of it. Hey with his new "Naughty and Nice" book out (which I just ordered) he'd prob be game for a bit more naughtier version of Harley 'n' Mistah J - which I certainly am ALL FOR! Also LOVE his “TERRIBLE TALES” drawing for the Monsters and Dames book – Gory, Sexy ‘n’ Funny!

Had fun getting my photo taken with Wil Wheaton (since I'm also a BIG Trekkie as well as Harley/Joker nut) in Harley Easter Bunny garb - though I had originally intended on getting one taken in my Tasha Yar costume on Fri - but I thought the autograph line was the photo line (signs were NOT clear - others were confused as well) and hence at least got him to sign my badge that day and gave him one of my MadLoveInGotham promos and told him I'd be posing with him the next day dressed up as Easter Bunny Harley. He was a really nice guy and bugged his eyes out and told me how awesome he thought my Tasha Yar costume was - which was sweet - and remembered me the next day come photo shoot time - and BOY was that LINE LONG!!! Lotta Wheaton fans at ECCC!

Enjoyed donning my Arkham City Harley costume on Sunday and posed with many a person – got photo bombarded several times especially where it seemed liked individuals and families descended upon me like locusts! Very flattering but exhausting! My smiley face muscles definitely needed a break at the end of the Con! Instead of posing with the bat this time I posed with one of my two black realistic-looking toy UZIs - which didn't require ANY security check whatsoever (no weapons did at ECCC?) - which although was a tad scary - at the same time soitantly made for bettah pix - not having the orange tip of the gun showing or some flashy weapon-approved sticker taped to it.

My hubby says he did well $$$-wise and had a lot of fun so looks like we'll prob be goin' next year!

I’m lookin’ forward to it already!



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New “Top 69” (TUNES that is) section added and off to Emerald City Con!


Just added a section for which I wish could actually have an audio component to it for you to just click ‘n’ play – but oh well, for now it lists my fav Top 69 tunes which remind ME in some way or another of Harley and/or Mistah J (both classic and Dark Knight version). In eeeespecial I recommend you listen to “Dance While The Sky Crashes Down” by thee fabulous Jason Webley, who’s deliriously delectable ditty I like to think of as a sorta theme song for my site. I enjoy a wide variety of music though usually tend to steer clear of most mainstream radio-friendly sonic sludge which bores the hell out of me – so hopefully those of you who are similarly muSICKLY-inclined will get a kick outta mi list and might even check out a song or two unknown to yew. Whew! Packed ‘n’ ready to depart for Emerald City Con in Seattle, WA with hubby! Hoping I’ll­ get my Mad Love comic signed by Bruce Timm and get a photo with Wil Wheaton the day I dress up in the Tasha Yar 1st season Star Trek Uniform I made (Trekkie that I be). Wil’s also been recognized by Comic Vine (great interview on youtube) as having played the voice of Ted Kord/The Blue Beetle in Batman: The Brave and the Bold – so there is even a Gotham connection there! Yee-hee!



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Cool “Bat Mutie” b-day drawing from hubby


My hubby definitely knows how to put a SMILE on my face! Among other b-day gifties, he drew me this great little drawing of Joker unveiling his mutating of ol' BATSY to Harl - I definitely think it's an improvement...more Cthulu 'n' less Cowl! Thumbs up from mou! Love how Bat Mutie is calling out in help for Oracle's aid...don't think she'll be in time to save your butt this time Bats! ;) 



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My Hubby ‘n’ Bruce Timm on same Artist List for Monsters & Dames!


Ok - I know this is purely an alphabetical accident, but huge Harley and Batman:The Animated Series fan that I be....this tickles me pink to see my hubby's name right next to Bruce Timm in the upcoming Monsters And Dames art book being sold at Emerald City Con! http://www.emeraldcitycomicon.com/monsters-and-dames/



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Had a BLAST at WonderCon!!!


Still squealing with JOY inside at the thought of meeting two of my fav Harley Cosplayers (Tara Strand and DesiRee Preston) at WonderCon this past weekend - not to mention both their fabulous Mistah Js (Donald Strand and Trey Barker)! Also had fun manning the booth for my sweet helping to sell his art prints, buttons and T-shirts and getting a few free Harley prints of my own from some great comic artists who admired my costumage! You can check out my updated cosplay pix collection including poses with Tara 'n' DesiRee and other great Cosplayers from WonderCon here:


Now working on making at least
ONE new Harley costume in time for Emerald City Con! Crossing fingers 'n' toes that I can make it and still do all the other crap I gotta do in just under a week!



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Looking forward to WonderCon and Emerald City Con!


Can't wait to attend WonderCon this Fri-Sun with my hubby who has his Monstark artist's booth there to sell his artly wares. Since I jist started me own artly site I'm also looking forward to dressin' up in various Harl costumes and promoting mi site to others. Also can't wait to meet my two fav Harley Cosplayers - Tara Strand and DesiRee Preston in person! And at Emerald City Con where mi hubby's selling his art as well - looking forward to seeing Bruce Timm (co-creator of Harley with Paul Dini) and Kevin Smith doing a Jay and Silent Bob podcast thar. Aaaah...t'will be a great month fer a nerdette like mou!

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